Engine Management Faults / Diagnostics

Panelcare offer a comprehensive computerised engine management check

If a warning light has appeared on your car’s dashboard it’s best to get it diagnosed as soon as possible.

Warning lights tell you which main system is reporting a fault, such as the engine or braking system but not which specific parts are causing the warning to appear..

Some examples of warning lights you might see include the following:

Engine Warning LightABS Warning LightBattery Warning LightBrake Warning LightOil Warning LightAirbag Warning Light

Most modern cars employ engine management and diagnostic systems linked to sensors around the car. By plugging a diagnostic tool and computer into your car it will be possible to diagnose specific faults and ascertain what action needs to be taken to rectify the problem.

Panelcare are able to offer a while-you-wait engine diagnostics service. Unlike most other garages or service stations, we have invested heavily in our own diagnostic equipment. This means we can perform checks on the spot, and since they usually take only 30 minutes to complete, we can often accommodate you without an appointment.

The equipment we use is some of the best in the world from Bosch and DEC. Our technicians are fully trained in the use of this highly specialised equipment and the software that runs on these devices is kept regularly updated. This ensures that as new models of car come out (and updates to the management systems of existing cars are made) our systems remain accurate.