High Quality Repairs

Insurance approved accident repair specialist

With the best state of the art equipment available, our skilled craftsmen, carry out all repairs from jig work to panel beating, restoring your vehicle to a factory new finish.

Alternative repairers may not have the skills, understanding or necessary experience to do this. Their repairs may look all right, but in car repairs, beauty has to be more than just skin deep.

Our guarantee certifies that all repairs have been carried out in accordance with manufacturers body & paint repair standards, and that the correct anti-corrosion treatments have been applied, ensuring the cosmetic and corrosion warranty is fully protected.

This will give you, and any future owner of your car, complete confidence in the quality of your repair.

Computerised Estimating

For insurance claims markets the world over, the pressure is on to increase transparency, improve straight-through processing and provide world-class customer service. Read More....